A commercial and cultural union
for the American people

New Founding Media

Americans want a better vision. Our digital media platform is exploring the central questions of our day, and offering our vision for America, our movement, and a more human way of life.


An Explorer’s Guide to Living Well in the Digital Age

Return is a publication and community that brings together all those who want to harness technology for the sake of human flourishing.


A More Human Way of Life

Align is a weekly newsletter with practical recommendations so you can stop buying from hostile corporations. We curate alternatives and alert you to actionable ideas for a better way of life.

Our Ventures

New Founding is bringing people together to form the institutions that will realize this vision.

Principal Investments

Investing in the American Way of Life

An investment firm focused on growth equity for companies that align with our vision in ways that include focus on our target market, owners who share our values, and projects that advance American strength or self-sufficiency.

American Firebrand

The Voice of the People

Our studio produces videos for American Firebrand, celebrating the rising movements and articulating a message to the legacy political class.

The American Forum

A Digital Commonwealth

A new tech platform that will introduce a radically different network model—reflecting what works in real human communities—as a true alternative to Silicon Valley platforms that are both hostile/censorious and focused on the trivial and addictive.

American Reformer

Thought and advocacy in the Protestant World

Courage is a Habit

Helping parents fight for their schools

Gold River Trading Co.

Tea and other beverages for the American spirit