A commercial and cultural union

for the American people


Hostile ideology has overwhelmed our institutions. They are increasingly aggressive. Their reach does not end online, it extends to every aspect of life.
Our greatest need — and opportunity — is to build networks and institutions that are free to flourish, protected from the corrosive effects of this ideology. We are bringing together the people who will realize this — working to guide, connect, and advocate for all those looking to build and defend a better way of life.
Become a part of a growing community helping to realize this vision.

The Union


Join us in pursuing the good life. Explore ways to live well in a tech-saturated world and uncover the best of value-aligned businesses to enjoy and support.


Big Tech optimizes for addiction; we optimize for enrichment. New Founding’s curation platform mirrors the natural, high-trust systems of reputation, recommendation, and discovery that exist in the strongest local communities.


Our institutions no longer believe that truth is the final arbiter. They only recognize their ability to conform and condition their members to a chosen agenda. Those who do stand up against these institutions are often isolated; we are bringing these people together to design and build new institutions.


Tens of millions of Americans reject the status quo and seek commercial and cultural alternatives. We’re harnessing that economic clout to negotiate and advocate for our members.

The Guides

Don’t buy from people who hate you.

Thoughtful recommendations from real people, not the algorithm.

An explorer’s guide to living well in the digital age.

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