Entry Program

This is an opportunity to jump all in to New Founding at an entry or near-entry level.

We’re open to a range of backgrounds and skills—the most important thing is you are 100% committed to doing whatever you can to help advance our mission. You will almost certainly work on—simultaneously or in a series of rotations—a range of projects and parts of the organization within your first year.

Because of its intensity—expect to work 70+ hours/week, often with tight deadlines—this role will offer excellent training and the opportunity for rapid growth into significant responsibility within a few years.

Your work will be varied and include many generalist/assistant tasks, but immediate skills that could bring value include research, IT, information organization/management, design, basic web development, social media, video production/editing, and bookkeeping/accounting. The most important traits for all roles include drive, initiative, common sense, resourcefulness, and teamwork.

The role will be based in Dallas. Initial compensation will be $40-50k, with the opportunity for periodic increases over the first two years. Our goal with this program is to allow a cohort of highly motivated people to get into New Founding, so that we can leverage and build around you as we grow.


New Founding is a media-focused venture devoted to supporting a pro-American economy, rebuilding a media universe that shares our values, and helping people live a more human life free from things like impersonal, globalized corporations, the hectoring assaults of woke tyrants, or the malicious manipulations of Big Tech. We do this primarily through a media group, a capital investments group, and a technology group. We are bringing together a team and the resources to create new media, technology, and commerce that serves and supports the American people—and we welcome you to join us.