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Bringing builders, creators, and concerned citizens together to advance a more human way of life.

The Moment

Business and finance have been co-opted by radical political agendas. Media and the arts have become rigidly ideological, stifling creativity and political discourse.

Many of our country’s leading voices hate America’s virtues and undermine America’s promise. They could not build what they are destroying.

We are charting another course.

Across every sector lies a frontier with new and inspiring potential. We are bringing together people and resources to realize it. This means new media, technology, and commerce that serves and supports the American people.

We know this moment calls for action, and we’re stepping forward to lead.

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What We Are Building

Media Group

We are building direct lines of communication with you and others who share your values to bypass the noise and censorship of legacy channels. These include technology and lifestyle publications and a studio producing videos for Firebrand, a new digital media Super PAC created to speak on your behalf.

Membership Union

We will help you buy from companies that don’t hate you and use technology that doesn’t enslave you. The goal is a network that will enable collective action to address our shared commercial, cultural, and political needs.

Commercial Alliance

Directories, guilds, job boards, conferences, and more will help members connect and transact within the alliance. We will help people build their businesses and careers with aligned customers, partners, and employers.

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We pledge to honor your privacy, treating your data as we would like our data to be treated.

Our forum offers spaces for purposeful connection and discussion, ranging from job posts to needs and ideas for our movement to organization around specific projects or a specific profession and more.

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