We are forging an alliance to revitalize American civilization.

Bringing builders, creators, and concerned citizens together.

It’s time to fight to win.

Join us to build and defend a better way of life.

The Moment

Business and finance have been co-opted by radical political agendas. Media and the arts have become rigidly ideological, stifling creativity and political discourse.

Our most vocal elites hate America’s virtues and undermine America’s promise. Many more are complicit careerists protecting a failed status quo. They could not build what they are destroying.

But the landscape is unsettled. The current regime works against the interests of the American people. It is struggling to maintain control in the face of political, social, and technological change. Its extremism undercuts prosperity, impedes innovation, and accelerates decay.

We are charting another course. Across each of these sectors lies a frontier with new and inspiring potential. We are bringing together communities of talent and resources to realize it. This means new media, technology, and commerce that serves and supports the American people. 

You are not alone. Millions of Americans refuse to concede to cultural and institutional decay. We oppose the increasing attacks on decent and honorable ways of life. We know this moment calls for action, and we’re stepping forward to lead. 

Join us.

The Mission

The American people demand new  options for technology, products, entertainment; jobs, employees, business partners; advocacy, education, and community organizations; and moreall pointing toward better ways of life.

New Founding guides, mobilizes, and connects us to build a better America.

We will explore, through our publications, how to live as men and women in our present reality. We will offer clarity in the face of an avalanche of information and propaganda. We will curate technologies, products, entertainment, etc.—often made by people aligned with us—and negotiate deals for members of the alliance.
We will organize people around both for- and non-profit projects and enterprises. We will broadcast calls to action to bring together those with the talent to build needed products and services. We will unite founders and builders alike with all those who want to launch, back, work for, and contribute to solutions.

We will cultivate a new market—including networks, job boards, conferences, and more—so our members can connect and transact within the alliance. As it develops, people will build their businesses and careers with aligned customers, partners, and employers. The alliance will grow into a vibrant economic community.

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