The Trust Layer of the Internet

Building the platform and community that will restore a human model of trust to America.

A New Kind of Network

America was once a dynamic and high-trust society. Opportunity and status came from the recognition of credible people in vibrant communities.

Yet the institutions built to mediate this trust have grown corrupt, bureaucratic, and inhuman. The result has been stagnation and a collapse of trust.

Rather than build a parallel economy, we must replace the gatekeepers that suppress good people and projects across America—and organize those drawn to a better vision.

The key to this is a new kind of network, one that reflects high-trust communities, where a personal endorsement can drive everything from a book selection to an angel investment.

Our platform captures and amplifies such endorsements. We combine these to help users connect with each other and navigate the world with confidence.

The Platform


Exercise your judgment and build credibility. Recommend valuable objects to our community.


Find businesses, opportunities, articles, and investments endorsed by a trusted community.


Craft a selection of your highest endorsements and create standards based on your values.











Life in the digital age

Return explores a positive vision for technology, culture, and life in a world experiencing digital transformation — an aspirational alternative to the vision being pushed by many Silicon Valley leaders.


Buy from allies

Align showcases businesses that support our shared way of life and vision for America. Don’t buy from people who hate you. Don’t let your money stab you in the back.

Join New Founding

We are bringing together the people who will realize this vision. This is a dynamic community: we have connected entrepreneurs and investors, employers and professionals, companies and clients, and others drawn to this movement.

This community will also shape and eventually govern our new network — with credible members contributing the judgments that enable credentials, serving as an anchor of trust in a world where this is otherwise growing scarcer.